Hotel Metropolitan Edmont Tokyo - Tokyo, 102-8130, Japan

Restaurants & Bar

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Always striving for the best in Tokyo dining, communicating with customers through our cuisine is important to us. Available only at the Edmont, our chefs pursue exquisite taste and quality to create our original flavor. Enjoy a broad selection of these fine offerings.
Guests can enjoy a wide variety of different Tokyo restaurants at Hotel Metropolitan Edmont Tokyo. Choose from our fine dining options including authentic Japanese dishes at HIRAKAWA, sizzling Teppanyaki grill of fine beef and seafood at YAMAHIKO, or delicious Sushi at UMIHIKO. Our buffet restaurant Dining Cafe BELTEMPO welcomes you with the most relaxing casual yet elegant atmosphere, serving from breakfast to dinner. NANGOKUSHUKA offers delicate Chinese special dishes. The bar CAROUSEL offers a relaxing time at the end of the day with excellent cocktails and light meals.
Private rooms are available at all restaurants for private parties and social gatherings, serving the finest seasonal dishes.

Dining Cafe BELTEMPO

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Facing the terrace side of the East Wing, our buffet restaurant Dining Cafe BELTEMPO offers a casual dining atmosphere with natural sun light pouring in from the floor-to-ceiling glass windows. Open from morning until late evening, serving from breakfast to dinner. Enjoy our buffet with a variety of 50 dishes, satisfying children to seniors. A la carte menus are also available.
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Japanese Restaurant HIRAKAWA

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The beautiful entrance welcomes you to our Japanese cuisine restaurant created in a traditional Japanese Edo-Sukiya-style (tea-ceremony house style). Enjoy the delicate taste and beauty of Japanese dishes, with carefully chosen ingredients inspiring the season into each plate.
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Teppanyaki YAMAHIKO

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Entertain your five senses while sitting in front of the chef and marvel at the deft hands, grilling delicious beef and selected seafood.
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Fine Sushi served in Tokyo Edo style will absolutely delight the palate.
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Chinese Restaurant NANGOKUSYUKA

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Originally established in 1961 in Harajuku, you can now savor the Nangokusyuka Chinese specials here at our hotel.
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Enjoy your evening with our masterly concocted spirits from around the world at our fantastic hideout Main Bar Carousel.
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Patisserie Edmont

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Fresh from the oven, offering a variety of pastries and bread, Edmont’s original confections will make the perfect gifts and souvenirs.
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